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Under two years

Full day

£ 48 .00


£ 26 .00


£ 25 .00

Over two years

Full day

£ 46 .00


£ 25 .50


£ 24 .50

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes we do offer the enhanced entitlement. Free hours cover basic care under the EYFS. A voluntary contribution can be made if you wish your child to eat nursery food and take part in certain activities.

  • We find the most convenient payment method to be by monthly standing order. We work out your weekly bill, multiply it by 51 weeks (we shut for one week over Christmas) to give us the annual cost and divide it by 12 months so that your monthly payment is consistent throughout the year. Payment is in advance for the coming month. We accept payment by standing order, cheque, cash or payment card. We also accept workplace vouchers which your company can deduct from your wages before tax and national insurance contributions.

  • Each of the nurseries are registered to receive payments from the Government’s Tax-Free Childcare Scheme.  For every £8.00 a parent pays into their account, the government will pay in an extra £2.00.

    Parents can get up to £2,000 government support per child per year towards childcare costs.  A childcare account can be set up on the Gov.uk.

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